Sustainable Energy Loan
The Sustainable Energy loan wherever you need
Do you wish to benefit from the sustainable energy loan?
Fransabank Syria's Sustainable Energy Loan offers the most appropriate financial solution to benefit from the sustainable energy loan
Loan Features
·        Currency: Syrian Pounds
·        Purpose of Loan:  Financing Sustainable energy
·        Targeted Sectors: Housing, Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Services
·        NationalitySyrian & Palestinian Syrian
·        Monthly installmentShould not exceed 35% of the monthly income
·        Down PaymentNo Down Payment
·        Interest Rate16%, regressive interest subsidized by the Ministry of Electricity
Loan Reimbursement & Conditions
Repayment Period:  
·        Minimum 6 months
·        Maximum: 36 months for the energy and electricity carriers consumed in the facility and for the fuel production from non-conventional sources.
·        60 months for systems, heaters, insulators and digesters.
·        Life insurance up to 100% of the loan amount
·        Plot mortgage depending on the  loan amount

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