Your loan wherever your house is
Do you wish to own your dream House?  Do you aspire to own your personal office?
FRANSABANK Syria’s Housing Loan is the best financial solution to realize your ambitions for ownership or renovation.
Loan Features:
·         Currency: SYP
·         Loan Amount: depending on the case
·         Financed amountup to
o   70% of the apartment’s value
o   100% of the renovation costs
·         Repayment Period: between 3 to 8 years (10 years depending on the case)
·         Interest RateCompetitive
Loan Repayment & Conditions
·         You should be of Syrian nationality
·         Loan is settled by equal monthly installments
·         Your monthly installments can reach 33% of your monthly income
·         You should domicile you salary at FRANSABANK SYRIA
·         First mortgage on the apartment in favor of FRANSABANK Syria
·         Life insurance policy covering death and total permanent disability
·         Fire insurance policy on the apartment

F R A N S A B A N K   S Y R I A